About Kristin

Her life was defined the moment she entered the world. When you’re born with a facial abnormality, you’re not the smart one, the funny one, the pretty one; you’re the girl with strange face and hearing aid. You have to work to prove otherwise. You have to create your own definition of yourself and make others see that above all else.  Kristin did just that.

She learned at a young age that she could do anything she wanted as long she worked hard to achieve it.  Kristin has been busting her butt to reach her goals for as long as she can remember.  Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be a writer- she just never realized it.  You know how you often hear relatives of famous people being interviewed and they say “so-and-so always wanted to be actress.  She was always putting on plays for the family”?  Or “He always had a guitar in his hand.  We knew he’d do something with music.”  For the longest time, Kristin never thought she had one of those passions.  That is until she realized that she was always creating new stories in her head.  As a young girl, she spent so much of her free time writing various children’s books and ghost stories.  She even wrote lyrics to songs without thinking much of it.  Though she had always written, and new stories were always filling her thoughts, she never thought she should (or could) pursue writing.

But she did.

Kristin has written two books thus far and the process, though anxiety-ridden at times, made her realize she has to continue to tell her stories.  She hopes to one day fill this website with a variety of book covers. Until then, she is enjoying the ride of being a new author.